Richard Hollingum


Richard Hollingum APAC  Lead,

Sapient Nitro  Singapore


There are things we have known, and there are things we now know. There isn’t some black and white line you cross from being traditional marketers to going digital. If you’re very rooted in the craft of advertising, as in the Mad Men era, and you haven’t evolved, frankly, you might be a little screwed. And if you came from that era, crossed over the line, and forgot everything you once knew, well, then you also might be a little screwed. Or, if you think that the world started yesterday and only what happens tomorrow matters, then, you guessed it, still screwed. Isn’t it a relief to hear that this period in marketing history doesn’t require a total revolution? To dismiss thousands of years of storytelling and a hundred years of advertising and the psychology behind it would be an unhealthy loss. It’s time to evolve it.

Evolve your craft from one of creating images and words into one of creating an immersive experience that encourages people to jump in and participate with brands and become part of a shared story, not just our world but their world.

Think of it as moving from using the 8-crayon box to the 24-crayon box.

It’s really that simple.

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