Richard Hollingum APAC Lead Sapient Nitro Singapore

Richard-Hollingum, Director of Doing, Made by Doing Auckland

Enabling Creative Organisations to Think, Create and Make

Made by Doing,

A Global Marketing & Digital Leader (APAC/EU/AusNZ) with extensive experience in building, coaching and optimising marketing focussed organisations, including creative technology, data & analytics, platforms, agile content delivery, post production, studios and digital marketing consultancy practices.

Experienced in developing and executing the company’s business and strategy in order to attain the goals of both the exec boards and leadership so that they have an accurate view of the market and the company’s future. Not afraid to roll up my sleeves and work with the team to achieve their aspirations

Heavily experienced at leading and implementing portfolios/programmes of work with strong commercial and financial management acumen. Preparing and implementing comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement by planning cost-effective operations and market development activities.

Oversee the company’s financial performance, investments and other business ventures and analyzing problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions to ensure company survival and growth.

I love what I do!

Previous roles include:

Strategy and Partnerships Advisor FutureLabs, Asia Pacific
A global creative company, using innovation to evolve ideas into world-class work. We call this Creative Innovation (CI for short).

New Zealand Partner, Cataliize, Auckland, New Zealand