Lizi Hamer Sapient Nitro Singaporearcade agency singapore

Lizi Hamer Creative Director

Arcade Singapore

Lizi is currently enjoying her fourth life. The first found her as a budding photographer in the UK. The second took her to the shores of Australia, where she cut her teeth in the Advertising industry, picking up a Digital Cannes Lion in her first year. Over the last 9 years she paved the way for global product launches, disrupted the norm on a budget of pennies, changed laws & excited the social sphere. It was at Saatchi & Saatchi she met Yasmin Quemard and became instrumental in the Australian arm of SheSays, a voluntary run program to support more women into the creative industry.

Identified as emerging talent in Australia 2013, Lizi was invited to attend the Google +20 collaboration, working with the best Google minds and top Australian industry mentors. 2013 also saw Lizi collect several high profile industry awards, for her work with Greenpeace, OPSM and RSPCA. But more than that she change Australian Law in support of saving animal lives.

As a problem solver, Lizi’s third life, took her into the entrepreneurial community in Sydney where she became a vital ingredient in setting up Fusion Labs Innovation Business. Fusion Labs, Helps corporates innovate like entrepreneurs & Lizi was the Design Thinker at the heart of it. Building strong working relationships throughout the Fishburner Community & developing Corporate strategies.

Today Lizi finds herself in Singapore, a Creative Director at SapientNitro, moonlighting as a Storyteller, excited by the tipping point of Asia. Recently voted, Top 20 Women to Watch in Asia.

Lizi is now a Creative Director at Arcade, Singapore.

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