Kelvin Lee,

Executive Producer
Frame by Frame Pictures Pte Ltd Singapore

Starting out as a PA for major television commercial shoots (and always trying to make sure the cooler is filled with both ice and drinks due to a somewhat early onset OCD), I have been working in the media industry for close to 15 years as a producer / production manager.

Armed with production, technology (definitely a geek) and extensive on shoot production, I put together a good mix of paranoia and production knowledge across traditional and digital media realms.

Integrated producing seems to be the mainstay and I’m blessed with exposure across ever changing advertising briefs, which seem to be part of a large venn diagram of lower budgets but increasing expectations. Secretly, i like plane food and managing my time across 3 satellite offices keeps the hustle going everyday.

Never to say no and always ready to pick up a new challenge, my free time is spent on a large vessel in an ocean, usually thinking about life and other musings while waiting for fish to bite!

Previous roles include:

Freelance Creative Producer // Digital Content Producer (Online / Print / TVC) Singapore

Senior Producer / problem solver, Shooting Gallery Asia