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Justin Chan, Agent

Justin Chan Represents, China 

Born in Hong Kong, Justin Chan went to high school and university in Canada. He spent most of his photographic career in Paris, London and Tokyo.  He currently resides between London, Tokyo and Shanghai.  He has been a member of the Association of Photographers London since 1996.  He also lectures at the City University of Hong Kong.

Justin comes from an expansive and technical history of working between many photographic genres worldwide.  This experience has led him to master capturing the mundane as something of exception, giving him years of experiences on how to work within the constraints of any commercial brief.  Justin’s work pertains to a strong and fluent sense of composition capturing the nuances of detail in mood, colour and performance.

He works in both the Commercial and Art Fields have also graced many galleries and museums in France, Hungary, London, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy and many cities in China.

A few years ago Justin began an Agent/Product Company “Justin Chan Represents” in Shanghai, specialising in representation and production support for the foremost international commercial photographers/directors/illustrators/fashion stylists/hair, make-up artists/retouchers and other leading image-makers at the top-end of commercial media in China and the Asia Pacific Areas.