CA+ is speed dating for photographers with key decision makers.

Cost-effective and efficient, CA+ is a fantastic opportunity for photographers who want to crack the Asian market.

  • Register for the next CA+ event. You can do this here. This will give you an all day pass to talks and workshops on September 2019, as well as access to tickets for the folio review programme.
  • Join our ‘Crack the Asian Market’ Facebook group to get some great tips, stay in touch with other attendees, and to get the heads up on events and reviewers as they are announced.
  • Decide on how many meetings you would like; 5, 10, or 15. The more you book, the bigger the discount. Each 15 minute meeting is dedicated to YOU and YOUR work
  • Research the reviewers you would like to meet with. We will update you on reviewers as they are confirmed via this website, the Facebook group and Email updates.
  • Before the event we’ll ask you to select your reviewers in order of preference.
  • We’ll send you a schedule for your review day.
  • Present your folio over the course of 1 day
  • Get expert feedback about how to get the jobs you want to shoot
  • Make the most of your portfolio reviews by attending networking events and talks. Socialise with reviewers and build key relationships with potential clients from around Asia
  • Exchange ideas, be inspired and enjoy the opportunity


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When are the reviews taking place?

What does the registration price include?

Can I attend one day only?


I’m an emerging photographer. Can I participate?

How long is each meeting?

How do I choose reviewers I want to meet with?

How will I know what time my meetings are?

What should I bring to my meetings?

Can I show a folio on my laptop?

How do I book into the Sunday Sessions?

Can my agent accompany me to my review without a booking?

Can my agent register and attend on my behalf?

Can I buy single tickets or packages of more than 15 meetings?


Can I bring an agency folio that showcases the work of multiple photographers?

Can I see reviewers multiple times to cover multiple folios?

Can I accompany a photographer to their review without a booking?

How do I choose the reviewers?

How do I book my ticket for the Sunday Sessions?

May I attend the Sunday Sessions if one of my photographers is being reviewed?