There is no question about it.
CA+ is the most cost-effective and efficient way for photographers to meet Asia’s leading creative professionals.

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I’m an emerging photographer. Can I participate?

You are welcome to participate if you feel you are ready to work in this market at a professional level. Your folio will need to be well-edited and show a high standard of work. If you would like a professional opinion, our co-chair Christina Force offers an evaluation service for all photographers. Email Christina at

When are the reviews taking place?

CA+ is an all day event on Saturday 15th November 2014.  Remember to save that evening for a drink or two with reviewers at CONNECTIONS!

What does the VIP ticket to the panel discussion offer me?

VIP ticket holders have access to exclusive reserved seating where they can enjoy the panel discussion from a prime position.


How long is each meeting?

Each review will be exactly 15 minutes.  During this time an experienced reviewer will browse your folio, understand it and give honest appraisal and feedback.  Meetings will be efficient and will allow for meaningful dialogue about your work.

How do I choose reviewers I want to meet with?

Your will be asked to provide your preferences and the number of meetings you require from each reviewer one month prior to the event. The list of  reviewers is continuing to grow.  For updates on who will be participating follow us on

How will I know what time my meetings are?

We will email you a detailed schedule prior to the event.

What should I bring to my meetings?

Your folio! Your work can be presented digitally or in a printed format.  Co-chair Christina Force shares her tips on creating a good folio here.

Can I show a folio on my laptop?

Remember your folio is a collection that showcases your work, so if you want to show your folio on a laptop, do not present random haphazard images from different folders. You will appear disorganised and unprofessional and you will not capture the attention of the reviewer. If you choose to use a digital device, make sure it is an edited group of images which can be clicked-though or swiped like a book.

How do I get a CONNECTIONS ticket?

Purchase your ticket to CONNECTIONS at the same time you book your Folio Reviews. When you reach our secure online shop you are able to choose from four packages. Ensure you choose the package of 10 or 15 meetings that include a ticket to CONNECTIONS.  If you have not booked any reviews, you are not eligible to attend CONNECTIONS.

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Can my agent accompany me to my review without a booking?

Your agent is permitted to accompany you on your Folio Reviews, however, we recommend that you meet creatives one-on-one.  CA+ is about creating opportunities by making personal contacts and building key relationships.

How do I book a CONNECTIONS ticket for my agent?

You are only able to purchase one ticket to CONNECTIONS when you book your folio reviews.  You are eligible to purchase an additional ticket for your agent AFTER booking your folio reviews.

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Can I buy single tickets or packages of 5 meetings?

If you would like to have your folio reviewed by Asia’s most influential professionals, we encourage you to book your tickets soon to avoid any disappointment. Packages of 5 meetings will only become available in the unlikely event that tickets do not sell out.


Can I bring an agency folio that showcases the work of multiple photographers?

No. Our policy is one folio by one photographer for each 15 minute session.  This gives reviewers adequate time to thoughtfully review a body of work and provide meaningful feedback.  This dedicated time also benefits the photographer as they receive very specific guidance and feedback.  You can however, book multiple sessions with reviewers which will enable you to select the appropriate folios for each reviewer.

Can I see reviewers multiple times to cover multiple folios?

Yes you can.  This option is only available to agents and reps.  We will endeavor to give you as many of your selections as possible, but obviously no one person will be able to monopolise a particular reviewer to the detriment of others.

How do I choose the reviewers?

Your will be asked to provide your preferences and the number of meetings you require from each reviewer one month prior to the event. The list of  reviewers is continuing to grow.  Follow us on Facebook to for the latest updates on who will be participating.

How do I book my CONNECTIONS ticket?

Review and CONNECTIONS packages are available from the online shop. If you have not booked a folio review, you are not eligible to attend CONNECTIONS.

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May I attend CONNECTIONS if one of my photographers is being reviewed?

Yes. Agents can join in at CONNECTIONS if one or more of their photographers are being reviewed.  If you have not booked any reviews, but one of your photographers has, they may purchase an additional ticket for you after they have purchased their Review and CONNECTIONS ticket package.

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  • Come prepared with business cards or leave-behinds
  • Make sure your folio is well-edited and reflect the type of work you want to do
  • A maximum of 30 pages is advised for your folio
  • Allow your reviewer to lead the meeting
  • Come well rested and focused – make each connection count!

If you any further questions, please use the contact form below.  We will reply to your query within 48 hours.