There is no question about it.
CA+ is the most cost-effective and efficient way for photographers to meet Asia’s leading creative professionals.

Can I bring an agency folio that showcases the work of multiple photographers?

No. Our policy is one folio by one photographer for each 15 minute session.  This gives reviewers adequate time to thoughtfully review a body of work and provide meaningful feedback.  This dedicated time also benefits the photographer as they receive very specific guidance and feedback.  You can however, book multiple sessions with reviewers which will enable you to select the appropriate folios for each reviewer.

Can I see reviewers multiple times to cover multiple folios?

Yes you can.  This option is only available to agents and reps.  We will endeavor to give you as many of your selections as possible, but no one person will be able to monopolise a particular reviewer to the detriment of others.

Can I accompany a photographer to their review without a booking?

Yes, you are permitted to accompany a photographer you rep on their Folio Review(s) at no extra cost (providing they have purchased a ticket. However, you must still register. You can do that here.

How do I choose the reviewers?

Your will be asked to provide your preferences and the number of meetings you require from each reviewer ta least one week prior to the event. The list of  reviewers is continuing to grow.  Join our Facebook group for the latest updates on who will be participating.

How do I book my ticket for the Sunday Sessions?

Register for CA+ here and you’ll be able to attend the Sunday talks and events. We’ll advise closer to the event how to check in.

May I attend the Sunday Sessions if one of my photographers is being reviewed?

Yes, but you’ll still have to register. Do this here.

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