Where should I stay?

We’re all set to go to Singapore and lots of photographers are booking their flights. one of the common questions is where to stay.

The event is being held at the wonderful¬†Shooting Gallery, but being a busy production house with multiple studios, it’s not in the centre of town.

Getting around Singapore is super easy (and cheap), so we recommend staying in the hub. We like central Singapore and Chinatown as you can eat at multiple hawkers markets, stay in converted shophouses and experience life around the river.

Better still, it’s where many of the ad agencies are, and if you arrive before or stay on after the weekend you might just bump into a few creatives and reviewers in the local bars ūüôā

Air BnB has some great options, and there are tons of hotels in the area. In fact, if you join our Crack the Asian Market Facebook group we’re starting a thread so you can hook up with other photographers and share accomodation.

We’re staying in Chinatown. See you there! x


CA+ Top Tips#5

Showing only your “hero” shots in your portfolio will enable each Reviewer to see how YOU and YOUR photographs stand out and enable each Reviewer to give you meaningful dialogue about your work. ¬†So we suggest:

A maximum of 30 pages is advised for your folio

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#6 – Tips For A Successful Review


Still 6 Colour




Allow reviewers to lead your meetings

With international accolades and loads of experience behind them, our Reviewers know exactly what the market is looking for.  Allow them to lead the discussion so you can make the most of the valuable feedback.

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CA+ Top Tips#4





You have 15 minutes to WOW each of your chosen CA+ Reviewers so:

Make sure your folio is well-edited and reflects the type of work you want to do.

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CA+ Top Tips#3

We know you have invested a lot of time and love into creating your portfolio, chosen your favourites from our wonderful selection of portfolio reviewers so remember for a successful review….

Come well rested and with focus – make each connection count!

Each review will be exactly 15 minutes.   During this time an experienced reviewer will browse your folio, understand it and give honest appraisal and feedback.  Meetings will be efficient and will allow for meaningful dialogue about your work.  This gives reviewers adequate time to thoughtfully review a body of work and provide meaningful feedback.  This dedicated time also benefits the photographer as they receive dedicated attention.
We want to Party with you, just make sure you save the energy for CONNECTIONS!

CA+ Top Tip – Hotels

Have you booked your Hong Kong hotel yet?

The CA+ team suggest staying at the Harbour Plaza, we’re all the “cool”people will be hanging out after a long day of positive reviews! ¬†There will be daily shuttle buses heading to and from the event, so your transport will be sorted.

We’d love to see you there to, (just to let you know we’re not being paid to endorse this hotel) we just think the more time spent together the bigger the party!


CA+ Top Tips#2





Your business card is your hand shake in Asia.

Remember to print some and bring them with you to share with our Reviewers!

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CA+ Top Tip #1

Top tip #1: Asia-based advertising creatives want to see that offshore photographers can produce the same great results when shooting in Asian light. Use your trip to CA+ as an opportunity to shoot in the region and prove to them you’re the real deal!