Andy Greenaway

I am a creative leader, creative director, author, public speaker and mentor with over 30 years of experience in marketing and digital advertising.

I believe in creating breakthrough ideas that have an impact on business through DISTINCT RESONANCE.

DISTINCT makes sure your brand is seen.
RESONANCE makes sure your audience cares.

It often means breaking conventions, embracing innovation and taking brave steps.

As a copywriter / art director I have won more than 300 awards, including every type of metal in Lions, Clios, One Show, D&AD as well as a host of other awards from around the globe.

As a Creative Director my aim has always been to create environments that allowed creative excellence to flourish. I have led and inspired teams of creatives in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia and across the APAC region, resulting in hundreds of advertising awards.

I believe that part of my success is my ability to partner with CEOs and Account Service people as much as I did with my creative partners. That’s because the number one rule of a Creative Director, apart from inspiring his team, is to produce great work. And you can only produce it if the client buys it.

I have also written books about creative leadership, presentation skills, superior writing and ways to create a distinctive brand. I’m always looking for collaborative projects which are fun and have an impact on the world.